Hello Spring/Autumn Readathon 2022

It is readathon time! I am so excited that I came across Hello Spring/Autumn Readathon 2022. I heard about this readathon on Instagram from Ruby’s_Reading_Corner. It will take place September 17th – 18th. It is a 48 hour readathon hosted by Sara’s Reading Nook on YouTube. Reading sprints will take place Saturday, Sept. 17th at 5:30 pm EST and Sunday, Sept. 18th at 3:30 pm EST. I didn’t know they were doing four of them to keep up with the seasons. Sadly, this is three out of the four and I know I will participate in the final one as well.

Autumn Prompts:

  • Reading Prompts
    • a book with cozy vibes
    • a mystery
  • Bookstagram Prompts
    • readathon tbr
    • autumn goals/ bucket list
  • Activity Prompt
    • read while drinking your favorite autumn drink

Spring Prompts:

  • Reading Prompts
    • a book with fresh starts
    • a book with a pastel cover
  • Bookstagram Prompts
    • readathon tbr
    • spring book recommendations
  • Activity Prompts
    • treat yourself with something just for you

This is what I was thinking for my Autumn Prompts:

  • Reading Prompts
    • Pumpkin Heads
    • Ghost Girl in the Corner
  • Bookstagram Prommpts
    • I Posted up photos of both books that I plan on reading and photos of my bucket list.
  • Activity Prompt
    • For this one I plan on making a GIANT cup of Caramel Apple Cider with whipped cream to top it off.

I am so excited to for this readathon and I will probably try and find more books to fit these prompts or more manga. We shall see. Are you participating in any readathons?


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