Book Haul #21: Spooky Haul 2022

I am excited because this is the first time I will shop specifically for spooky books for October. Although I buy ebooks, I do like to go book shopping physically. The bookstores that I plan to visit are Barnes and Noble, Kinokuniya, Green Apple Books, City Lights Booksellers and Publishers, Dog Eared Books, Black Bird Bookstore and Cafe, Bookshop West Portal, Borderland Books, Bell’s Books, and Books Inc. I like to go in and look around at all the physical books, read a little of them, sit in the stores, and take in the ambiance of the bookstores. If I decide to purchase the book, I look it up on my phone and buy it from either iBooks, Kindle, or the B&N Nook. It’s usually available for one of the three apps. If it is not, and I want the book, I will purchase it physically, BUT I try not to because I don’t have room.

Here are the books that I purchased:

So many books and I am so glad these were all available for electronically because I would have DIED trying to move these from my car to my house plus I would have no place to put them. What books are you excited to read during the month of October?


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