Blogtober 2022: Day 3

Haunted: California Street

In 1876, an 18 year old member of Nob Hills wealthy families, Flora Sommerton was told by her parents she was going to marry a man significantly older than her. The engagement party was all the rage, everyone who was anyone was invited to the party. Right before Flora’s father made the announcement, she fled the party wearing an elaborate beaded gown never to be seen again. Flora’s parents and husband to be searched for her but had no luck. Up until 50 years ago her disappearance her body was found in a boarding house in Butte, Montana in 1926. People have claimed to see Flora in tears and in the same dress from her engagement party walking in the middle of the street. Especially on foggy nights, If you ever find yourself on California Street in San Francisco make sure to keep an eye out for the runaway bride, Flora.


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