Blogtober 2022: Day 19

Keeping Warm

A lot of people think I dress up my pups everyday in different outfits. I mean I do, but only in necessities and an occasional bow here and there. The pups usually get dressed up when it is cold out. They own A LOT of jackets and sweaters for those chilly days.

Thermal Pajamas

8″ is the smallest size and it is still a little big on them. We have the black and grey.

I like to put these on when we are in the house. Just as a layer to keep them warm.

Sherpa Hoodie

8″ is the smallest size and it is still a little big on them.

This one is so warm and soft and I put this one on them when we walk by the water or we are going to be out in the cold for whatever reason for a long time.

This one makes them very squishy like a teddy bear and one of my favorite jackets on them.

Packaway Raincoat

They wear a size XS in this one. This one fits them the best. I did cut off the second velcro that wraps around their stomach.

I put this on on them when it is wet outside.

I like to pair this one with the thermal pajama because I don’t feel like it keeps them that warm BUT it does keep them dry.

We have light pink, dark pink, navy, light blue, red orange and yellow.

I find these work really well for my pups. If you do order any of these I would double check the size chart and the size of your pups before ordering just so you can get the perfect fit for your pup.


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