Blogtober 2022: Day 22

Cousin Haunted Gingerbread Decorating!

It is that time of the year again where the cousins competed against one another to see who can win this spooky gingerbread house decorating competition. Our lovely judges are the aunts and uncles and our very special judge of the NIGHT was our Grandma aka Nani. She is one tough cookie to please. We had seven grandchildren and four great grandchildren competing this year. Three children decided to be ambitious and take on the Mansion, four went for the House and four decided to take the easier rout and took on the graveyard.

We of course purchased A LOT more frosting and decorations because this is a cousin eats cousin competition out here and we like to be dramatic and of course make a complete mess. We did however all agree on hot gluing our houses together because of the difficult times we have had in the past years. Each of our themes were a bit funny and definitely showed our personalities. Which is why when we presented to the judges and the special guest judge we told a story to go along with it.

We were judged on:

  • Presentation
  • Story
    • Favorite child status

Some children were using their brain and bribing the judges with treats to eat (cheaters). The first place winner was of course the youngest. The second was one of the middle cousins because he went for a very simplistic and straight forward graveyard. The third place winner was the oldest. The youngest was sneaky and gave Nani candy. Sneaky, sneaky little one. Of course we had a blast we had movies playing in the background and the house was completely COVERED in candy and frosting along with ourselves. Because we all tried to sabotage one another and ended up in a slight candy/frosting war and we were sticky and gross. Also, we 100% destroyed our houses before we took a picture but you know we have the memories.


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