Blogmas 2022: Day 18

Hello Seasons Readathons!

My favorite bookstagrammers are back with the Hello Seasons 48 hour readathon. I got through quite a lot of books BUT the most important was I was able to finish the prompts set.

Reading Prompts:

  • Read a book set in winter
  • Read a winter romance

Bookstagram Prompts:

  • Your readathon TBR
  • Your winter goals/bucket list

Activity Prompts:

  • Read while drinking your favorite drink

Reading Prompts:

  • A Merry Little Meet Cute
  • A Princess for Christmas

Bookstagram Prompts:

  • I did NOT post my TBR on my instagram.
  • My goal was to go somewhere by myself which I did.

Activity Prompts:

  • I went our and purchased a peppermint zebra hot chocolate from Starbucks

I had a lot of fun AGIAN with these prompts and the readathons so thank you so much Sara for providing such wonderful prompts. You are amazing. Please make sure to go an follow her Instagram for more readathon updates and of course her amazing photos.


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