Concert Update: January 2023

I have A LOT of concerts lined up for this year so far! So let’s get talking!


  • The Rose Heal Together
  • Jay B Pause Encore
  • Park Jinyoung Fanconcert
  • Enhypen World Tour Manifesto in Japan

In Person:

  • Keshi
  • Jackson Wang Magic Man

I am so excited to see The Rose again. I was able to see them live when they came to San Francisco and they were FANTASTIC! Such a great show, I loved the set list and just WOW! I am excited to see Keshi and Jackson in person. I think they are going to have stunning shows and I cannot wait! I am hoping to go to more concerts as they come to San Francisco but I am also making big changes in my life this year so I have to really budget.

Are you going to any concerts?


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