Belle Update: January 2023

The first Belle update of the year!

In case you are new to the blog. I have a ten-year-old little one named Belle. She is my last pup, and I love her so much. After her brother passed in 2020, she developed some health issues. She has a collapsing trachea, food allergies, arthritis, and no teeth. She is PERFECT, and I will do anything to keep her healthy and happy. These updates are mainly for me, BUT I like to share our experiences in case anyone is going through the same thing and needs some comfort or someone to talk with.

Thankfully (knocking on wood), we are starting the year off pretty healthy. Belle is doing well and still acting like herself. Last month, however, she broke the tip of her tail. I am still determining how she did it. She didn’t cry or make any notion that it was broken which was weird. I noticed it while petting her and felt the tip completely bent. There was nothing the vets could do for a broken tail, BUT I had to call and make sure. We ended up getting an appointment where they wanted to check it out and take an x-ray to make sure it was not cancerous, and they needed to do surgery.

Thankfully, it was just broken and would heal on its own. Belle’s tail still has a slight bend, but that is now her new normal, and I still think she is just as STUNNING as ever. I am happy she is healthy and doing great.


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