Puppy Nighttime Routine: January 2023

Updated puppy nighttime routine!

I never thought I would see the day when my little girl wanted to run! If you know me and the pups, we are the laziest earthlings. We only move if it is a must or a massive reward. For some reason, Belle has decided she likes her nighttime walk and sprinting back and forth from one end of the house to the other. This ghoul is giving me an effective workout these days. With that being said, here is the updated Nighttime Routine with Belle!

Belle and I get home around 6:30/7 pm most nights. The first thing we both do is pee! Yes, we both have the smallest bladders known to earth. Next is food! Belle gets her dinner before I do because she is, of course, the princess. She works hard all day and deserves and nice warm meal when we get home.

After that, we watch YouTube and chill together while I get to eat. Afterward, we put our jackets on and went for a nice short walk around the block. When we return, she gets a treat because of all that walking she had to do. We usually clean up after that. She gets her hair brushed, her gums cleaned, her nails trimmed if it’s the day, and her face and paws washed.

Usually, we would go straight to bed, BUT this is now where we have our nighttime sprints. We sprint back and forth about 4 – 6 times, depending on how she feels. It’s cute because she acts so out of breath until she gets her to treat. She gets all excited and runs to bed. I like to read before bed, so lights out usually happen around 8:30/9 pm on good days.

I love spending time with my ghoul; she is 100% spoiled. She will get whatever she wants, and I do whatever she wants, and currently, she intends to sprint around the house, so we run around the house. What is something you like to do with your puppy?


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