Love Yourself 2023: Day 14

Happy Valentines Day 2023!

Today is when society celebrates couples, but here we celebrate all types of love, especially self-love. I hope you all know that even though we may not know each other or talk, I care about you, and you are a significant person in this world.

For all couples, singles, complicated, or whatever your relationship status is, this is a time to celebrate yourself. Dress up, dress down, blast music, watch TV/movie, eat your favorite food, walk your favorite trail, read a book, take a bath do what makes you feel good! No matter what, you will always shine bright, even in your darkest days. Believe in yourself because you are worth it. You are good enough. Love yourself and all your qualities because that makes you, YOU!

“No matter how hard people try to break you down, or whoever tries to stomp on you. You will always have the same value, no none can change you.”
― Bi Rain


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