AgustD 2023 World Tour

Oh my…

My friends and I freaked out and when I say freaked out we FREAKED OUT! Only one of us was able to watch him to when he was live when the announcement went out and my other friend and I got a text and we squeaked. Our co-workers laughed on the amount of excitement and freaking out we were doing. Obviously, we were not prepared for this announcement and we were going to go there was no way we were going to miss this. Thanks to our friend, we got a suit for day one of AgustD in Oakland. You don’t understand how much stress we were able to let go!

Because we got so lucky we decided to pay it forward and we are all making little goodie bags for Army’s who are attending the AgustD concert in Oakland Ca. I am making bracelets, stickers, photo cards and some snacks for the wait. So if you see us PLEASE stop by and say Hi we would love to meet you and give our fellow Army friends some goodies.


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