StellaLou’s Wonderful Wishes Ballet

Calling all my StellaLou friends!

Hong Kong Disneyland just announced they will be celebrating the powerful magic of dreams and wishes in the brand NEW show StellaLou’s Wonderful Wishes Ballet at the Disney’s Storybook Theater, from April 5 – 10 and from April 14 – 16, StellaLou will pirouettes through practice, overcome challenges and step by step, achieve one of her biggest dreams alongside her beloved friends Duffy, LinaBell and Geletoni, PLUS dancers from Hong Kong Disneyland and Hong Kong Ballet.

I absolutely think this show is going to be stunning! StellaLou and of course the rest of the Duffy and Friends gang are my FAVORITE! I am head over heals with them so I am so excited to see StellaLou getting her own show.


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