30 in 30 Manga Challenge 2023: Update #1

We are seven days into the 30 in 30 manga challenge and I am off to a manga a day.

This week has been slightly crazy for me and I am only able to read one volume a day but that’s okay! I will have less of a chance to burn myself out this way. I have started out with Black Butler (this is a slight re-read for me) because one of my youngest cousins has decided to pick it up and I haven’t read this in YEARS!

Black Butler Volumes:

  • vol. 6
  • vol. 7
  • vol. 8
  • vol. 9
  • vol. 10
  • vol. 11
  • vol. 12

I am still loving this series years later. Truthfully, I love Sebastian. His character is the best. Are you participating in the 30 in 30 Manga Challenge? If so which manga are you picking up?


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