Obsessed: Dramas May 2023

Bed Friend

I may have done a bad thing and possibly became obsessed with this series Bed Friend. Not only was I completely obsessed with the Drama BUT the book. I binged it all I think in 48 hours give or take some hours because it was such an interesting story and I was very much interested in the characters.

Uea is a very private person who has a strong dislike of casanovas, while King is one. King and Uea work in the same office and are both best friends with Jade. They don’t like each other but then—for some reason—begin to have a particular “relation”

Bed Friends is a boy’s love drama that took me on a rollercoaster of emotions. It was everything that I didn’t know I needed and or wanted. The characters were so easy to get attached to, and I enjoyed their dynamics as a group; they were able to complement each other and shine individually, too, making me want to learn more about them and their past, present, and future. As you guessed it I had to purchase the book because I didn’t want this 10 episode series to end.


Bed Friend (Kindle Edition)

“Maybe it’s not that bad. We both get the mutual benefits anyway.”
When one of them takes it lightly and the other takes it seriously to be ‘friends with benefits,’ Uea, a graphic designer who is cold-hearted, always wears a poker face, and is seriously in love with ‘King,’ a programmer who has never wanted to be in a serious relationship with anyone, they made a deal to be ‘friends with benefits’ in secret.
From ‘a friend of another friend’ who barely talks nicely to each other for years to ‘a friend of another friend’ that comes with ‘benefits’ instead. However, it seems like this kind of relationship they have in secrecy is bringing them unexpected trouble. Meanwhile they both gave their words that they won’t fall for one another, one of them has fallen hard into the pool of this forbidden sentiment nonetheless!

The Middleman’s Love

“Jade, a half-Thai, half Chinese man, works as a graphic designer for a company. Jade is always the one in the middle. He is the middle child. He has got an average grade in school. People around him either his siblings or his friends are so good-looking that he has always been overlooked or becomes just a middleman for those who want to know his siblings and friends personally. 
Jade has been in this situation for years and has to accept it unwillingly. He then has built a high wall in his heart. He does not expect a romantic relationship since he has learned that whoever comes to him just want to get close to people around him. 
One day, his office welcomes an intern called Mai, an attractive university student who comes to break the wall in Jade’s heart!”

Middle Love (Coming Soon)

Growing up, Jade was always the man in the middle. As the middle child, making average grades, Jade was always being upstaged, not only by his more outstanding siblings but also by his better looking, better performing friends. After years of being approached by those who only wished to be acquainted with his friends and siblings, Jade has accepted the fact that he will forever be the middleman.

Despite the fact that Jade is now a successful professional, he still plays second fiddle to those around him. Even worse, he has gotten so used to being overlooked by those around him that he has completely given up on love. Having built a sturdy wall around his heart, Jade has completely cut himself off to even the possibility of finding love, which is why, when he catches the new office intern, Mai stealing glances his way, he immediately assumes Mai is interested in his office friend, Uea. Accepting his fate as the middleman once again, Jade is prepared to make the introductions that will inevitably bring Mai and Uea together. Little does Jade know that Mai only has eyes for Jade.

Unable to hide his growing feelings for Jade, Mai makes his intentions known but Jade, being so used to being overlooked, has no idea how to respond. What will Jade do now that he’s become the center of Mai’s attention?

I LOVED Jade’s character; although I took him as a silly side character, he was ALWAYS there for his friends, especially Uea. So when I saw he had his book, I had to read it and fell in love with him more. Then I saw he was getting his show; I was beyond excited. I can’t wait to binge-watch it and most likely to binge Bed Friend and Middle Love in one day because I love them so much!

As you can tell I am completely OBSESSED with these characters and the story line. I definitely recommend it but also look up some trigger warnings before hand.


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