Namjooning Readathon Announcement 2023

Welcome Bookworms, Namjoon Stans and Army.

As you know, the new BTS book is coming out, and yes, it will be released in October; it has inspired a new readathon, The Namjooning Readathon. In case you missed my post about going to the AgustD concert, I went to the AgustD concert in Oakland with a bunch of my friends, and well, we decided to do a book club for their book Beyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS, which got me thinking about a Readathon. So long story longer! The month of June or Joon I will be dedicated to Namjoon.

What is Namjooning?:

  • The act of living life as Kim Namjoon. This includes taking walks in the parks, admiring nature, hanging out with crabs and having fun with friends.

What is Namjooning Readathon?:

  • Namjooning readathon is all about living life and doing things that truly makes you happy. In this case reading books that make you happy.

When is Namjooning Readathon?:

  • Namjooning Readathon will take place June (Joon) 1 – 30, 2023.

I plan to do prompts for this readathon and, of course, a playlist of all RM’s music. For each post, there will also be a song to accompany it. I am still getting everything in order, but I hope you join along in this readathon!!!


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