Disney After Hours: Villain Takeover

Starting June 6- August 8, 2019 after the sun goes down at the Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Dinsey World , the villains will be taking over the next Disney After Hours event. The event will go on sale April 29, 2019:


  • Presale- $139+ Tax
  • Event Night- $144+ Tax
  • Disney Vacaion Club- $109

For this wickedly fun event, there will be exclusive entertainment, food and beverages, merchandise and so much more. Some things to look forward to are:

Villains Unite:

  • Is a brand new show where Hades and Meg from Hercules will set the castle ablaze. They will also have some special guest appearences by Jafar, The Queen, Dr. Facilier, and Maleficent.

Maleficent the Drago:

  • Maleficent in all her dragon glory will be breathing fire as she wonders around the Magic Kingdom

Villainous Enhancements:

  • No one or no attraction is safe as the villains takeover Magic Kingdom, Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain get a villianous touch.

Wickedly Good Food and Beverages:

  • There will be food and beverages inspired by some of our favorite villains- THe Queen, Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, Hades, Dr. Facilier and Emperor Zurg.


  • The villains will have a wickedly fun arrangement of mercy exclusive to Disney After Hours to choose from.


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