Dog Food and Allergies

All my pups used Eukanuba, and this started because of my mom’s dog. We never had any problems with it until I got my last little one Belle. We found out that she was allergic to chicken and I had to find a dog food that had no chicken in it what so ever, and if you have ever looked at dog food they all have chicken in them. Thankfully It took me a couple of days to find the perfect one for her and her brother Tarzan. I didn’t have to change Tarzans food, but in case she decided to eat his food, or we mixed up the food I thought it would be easier and safer to replace all the food and treats in the house to Wellness-White Fish and Little Piggies Minnies. Both of these do not have any chicken in them what so ever and they are the perfect kibble/ treat size for my pups.


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