Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Easter Eggs

There are a lot of hidden gems hidden around Galaxy’s Edge that I’m sure you’ve spotted or will see when you visit this planet.

  1. 77, 80, 83
  • You can find the number 77, 80, and 83 above docking bay 7 on a cargo ship and containers. This is a nod to when the original Star Wars Trilogy was released.

2. Honda Ohnaka

  • The Pirate on the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run is a character from the cartoon series Clone Wars and Rebels.

3. Ronto Roasters

  • The pod racers engine that “cooks meat” is a nod to the pod racing scene from The Phantom Menace.
  • The droid that is working the grill is the same droid that tortures another droid in The Phantom Menace.

4. R2-D2

  • You can spot R2-D2 tracks across from the upcoming ride Rise of the Resistance.

5. The Toydarian Toymaker

  • Watto from Phantom Menace can be seen on a sign outside the Toydarian Toymaker.
  • You can spot a wooden Storm Trooper that sits in the shop which is a replica of the one young Jyn Erso had in Rogue One.
  • Also sitting on the shelves, you can see a replica of Jabba the Hutt’s Sail Barge from Return of the Jedi.
  • You can spot a toy Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi reenacting their final dual from a New Hope.
  • You can spot a toy version of Han Solo’s Mobquet M-68 Landspeeder.

6. Droid Depot

  • Imperial enforcer droid like K-2SO from Rogue One.
  • The head of a battle droid from the prequals.
  • An Imperial droid can also be spotted.

7. Dok Ondar

  • A golden Jar Jar Binks head can be spotted.
  • The Medal of Bravery like Luke and Han receive in A New Hope can be spotted.
  • There are taxidermy heads of a Tauntaun and a Nexy from Attack of the Clones.
  • Darth Maul statue can also be seen.
  • A Mandalorian helmet is also around.
  • A taxidermy Wampa can be found.
  • The black spire that gives the Black Spire Outpost it’s name can be found ontop of the shop.

8. Oga’s Cantina

  • You can see an image of Ponda Babas arm on the side of the tank above the bar.
  • Warrt from Return of the Jedi is also above the bar in a tank of Jabbas.
  • Yub Nub (Return of the Jedi) is carved into the end of an Ewok spear which is a handle on one of the taps.
  • DJ R-3X who was the original pilot on Star Tours has a new home as the Cantina’s DJ.

9. Hidden Mickey’s

  • You can spot a hidden Mickey on the building across from Ronto Roasters.


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