Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Review

Saturday June 8, 2019

My family and I met up at Launch Bay in Tomorrowland to pick up our wristbands for our 11 am reservations into Galaxy’s Edge. Once we got our wristbands, we waited until 20 minutes before our time to get inline. While we were waiting to enter, the castmembers made an announcement letting us know that we needed a reservation to Ogas Cantina, which we were able to get thanks to my older cousin.

The entire land was very immersive and unbelievable with the number of details and easter eggs that were mind-blowing. Everyone in Batuu made the experience twenty times more exciting. Honestly, you forget that you are in Disneyland. Another thing Disney has done an outstanding job on crowd control inside Batuu was perfect. One thing I wish I would have known before going in was I needed a reservation at Savi’s Workshop because other than building a droid I wanted to make a lightsaber, but they told me that they had run out of scrap metal.

Reservations for Ogas and Savi’s were a new addition to Galaxy’s Edge, and I think it will help with crowd control, but I would have loved to know beforehand. Other than that if you are into Star Wars, you are going to love it, and if you are not, I think you will still appreciate Batuu and all of its wonders.


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