Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run


My mind has been officially blown! The sight of the Millennium Falcon is breathtaking; the detail, everything about it is ridiculous. I was blown away with the site of this piece of junk BUT to be honest, what caught my attention was the inside of the Falcon.

The attention to detail was completely insane, and it honestly felt like I was on something from out of this world. The detail inside was incredible, especially to see the makeout hall where Leia and Solo first kiss and to as a tribute to it they have an XO. I usually am not a fan of virtual reality attractions, but this one was one I could handle. I was a Pilot both times I rode, and the left pilot was way cooler! Thankfully, I was with my family because we were very loud. There was so much yelling and laughing and craziness, but I think that is what made it even more enjoyable.

I suggest going on the ride at least once just to experience it because you honestly don’t want to miss out on the details and fun picture opportunities inside.


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