Walt Disney World 2019 Price Increase

In honor of the opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge August 29, 2019, Disney has increased their Annual Passes, of course, the amount depends on the type of AP. *FL=Florida Residents Only

Epcot after 4(FL): New $309 OG $479

Silver Pass(FL): New $519 OG $479

Gold Pass(FL): New $699 OG $479

Platinum Pass: New $899 OG $749

Platinum Pluss Pass: New $999 OG $849

Weekday Select Pass(FL): New $349 OG $319

Water Parks after 2(FL): New $89 OG $79

Premier Pass: New 2,099 OG 1,949

Select Pass(FL): $439 the price stayed the same

As much as I don’t like the price increase, I do understand why they are increasing the prices to help with crowd control. This is what Disney did with Disneyland before GE opened, and it helped out with crowd control immensely.


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