Blogtober 2019: Day 10

The Myers and Laurie’s House

1000 Mission Street South Pasadena, Ca, 91030 is the childhood home of young Michael Myers from the 1978 cult classic Halloween. The house where young Michael murdered his sister Judith Myers. Although fans of the film would appreciate the house being a Halloween Movie Museum, it is a Massage Therapy. They ask visitors to respect their business and not take pictures on their porch. The house is a city landmark not only because of its cinematic history, but the house dates back to 1888.

1115 Oxley Street, South Pasadena, is the home of Laurie. In the movie, this is where you see Jamie Lee Curtis’ character Laurie sitting on the corner with a giant pumpkin waiting for a ride. The owner of this house encourages people to take photos in front of the house, to the point where she provides fake pumpkins so visitors can get the perfect picture, and all she asks is that you return them when finished.

Please remember when visiting these houses that you are respectful to the owners, I know there’s a lot of excitement and can get caught in the moment, but it is a business and someones home. So don’t go on the porch, return the pumpkins and be sure to respect not only them but their property and wishes.


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