Blogtober 2019: Day 12

Halloween Pawty Tips

Most of us love throwing parties for Halloween, and although it is super exciting for us, it might not be as exciting for our four-legged friends. So here are some tips and tricks I use when I throw a Halloween Party.


Exercising your pups is essential for me and my pups, I find that it helps us both out when we go on a long walk before the Halloween festivities. It will help tire out your little one but can help them feel a lot less anxious as the party is going on.

Safe Zone-

I believe having a safe zone for your dogs will help them feel protected and less anxious. The area should always be available for your pups, and you should let your guests know that when they are in the safe zone don’t bug them. Knowing they have this area available will help them feel less stressed and anxious while your guests are over.

I use these daily. I feel like the exercise helps my littles stay out of trouble and keeps them calm when we are inside. While their safe zone is helpful if they feel overwhelmed with our house guests, the pups know they can get away until they are ready to come out and play again.


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