Thanksmas 2019: Day 17

Jurassic World 10k

This must have been one of the hardest 10k’s I have ever run in my life. I felt as if I was running another Marathon, which I vowed never to run again. The entire course felt uphill, so it felt as if I was not going anywhere. Although I do have to say that I was excited to receive the medals, the 10k medal was the Indominous Rex, and the challenge medal was the Velociraptor. I did notice this time there were no food boxes. At the finish line were tables of foods, and you walked right up and grabbed what you wanted, which was nice because you picked out the food you wanted to snack on. I don’t think I would do participate in another 10k at Universal, but the 5k’s are still debatable. I am on the fence about running the Trolls 5k to keep me going and build my Universal Studios medal collections.


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