New Years Eve Safety Tips

Tips and Tricks

New Year can be a terrifying holiday for the pups. So here are some safety tips and tricks to keep the little one safe and calm.

Exercise- Make sure you go on a long run, walk, hike with your pup. Exercise will help with anxiety and keep the dogs out of trouble if you are throwing the party or if you are going out.

Safety Zone- If you are throwing a party or going out, you should have a safe spot for your little. It’s a place where they feel comfortable, and no one should bug them. This could be their kennel, a room, or a gated area

Collar and Tag- If your pup is a good escape artist, be sure to have their collar and tag on them at the party or while you’re out at a party.

Alcohol/Food- Keep the drinks away from the pups along with table scraps. Either could get them sick, so remind your guests not to feed your puppies.

Love/Patience- Your pups don’t know what is going on, so please be patient with them. Loud noises can be terrifying, especially if you don’t know what is going on. So give them a little extra love, comfort, and patience.


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