Life’s Ruff #2


Cooking the pup’s food, I can see what foods they are sensitive too and eliminate them from their diets. For instance, my little one, Belle, is allergic to chicken. We found this out when she was 8 or 9 months old because she would bloat and stop eating her food, which had chicken in it, and when we gave her boiled white meat chicken, she would instantly bloat. Trying to find a dog food that didn’t contain chicken what so ever was a lot of work, but we eventually found one.

Unfortunately, my littles either got a bad batch or became sensitive to the food because of the significant reactions they had with it. When I switched over their food is when I found out that they both had a sensitivity to pineapple. Both pups had different tells: Belle bloated, and Tarzan would throw up shortly after eating it. Belle is not only allergic to chicken, sensitive to pineapple, but we found out that she is allergic or sensitive to carrots. Every time she would eat them, she would throw it right back up, Tarzan didn’t react, but we make their food in bulk, so he doesn’t get any.

The reason it is easier for me to tell if they are sensitive is whenever I am “testing” a food, they get their dinner, and we add the new food on top. If the pups react, we no longer give it to them, if they don’t, it gets added to their food list. It is going to be a lot of trial and error. Still, so far, everything is going very smoothly, and they are taking to the homecooked meals well.


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