Smugglers Run: Chewie Mode

The Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run has received a couple of new updates, but the most exciting is Chewie Mode. The ride itself remains mostly the same, but instead of hearing Hondo, you have Chewbacca accompanying you on your flight.

Unlocking this mode is not the easiest, but it can be done. It does require everyone in your crew to participate, so I suggest filling the cabin with Friends and Family.

Chewie Mode Instructions:


Pilots should hold the joystick to the extreme left/right or the extreme up/down depending on the pilot than hit the flashing activation button.


Press and hold one of the white buttons next to the score screen before hitting the flashing orange activation button

Make sure to do this before the cast member checks your seatbelt, and it should activate ‘Chewie Mode.’

Good luck smugglers!


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