Life Ruff #3

It’s almost been two months (I think) since we have switched over to home-cooked meals for the pups, and I have already seen a significant difference. Thankfully, a positive difference. I’ve noticed their energy, coats, breath, and they no longer bloat or have smelly poop. Probably TMI, but it is true! So far, home-cooked meals have been working for us. Cooking for them isn’t terrible either, it’s fast and easy. The ‘hardest’ part about meal prepping for them would have to be separating it into the single-serving containers.

I’m not saying everyone needs to do home-cooked meals for their pups because it’s working for my littles, I’m sharing my situation and what is working well for me and my littles. It would be best if you always did what you think is best for you and your pups.


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