My Duffy & Friends Plush Collection

I am absolutely blessed for the opportunity to travel to different Disney Parks around the world and along the way, I may have picked up a friend or two (hundred), but as I introduce them I will tell you their amazing stories behind each of them.

Duffy(The bear of happiness and luck):

I picked up Duffy at Aulani.

Duffy’s Story:

One day, Mickey was ready to set sail on a long voyage. Minnie made Mickey a special teddy bear to take with him so he would never be lonely. Mickey loved the teddy bear and named him Duffy. Mickey and Duffy sailed around the world. They visited all sorts of exciting places and made a lot of friends along the way. Mickey and Duffy took pictures with their new pals and made memories that would last a lifetime.


I picked her up at Aulani as well.

ShellieMay Story:

Minnie was making a new friend for Duffy, “Hope he likes this!” When Duffy saw Minnie’s present, he felt a little shy because in front of him was a sweet girl.


Cookie is a baker and I picked up Cookie from Hong Kong Disneyland.

Cookie’s Story:

AS Duffy was about to eat his cotton candy, he saw a mountain of waffles heading towards him! “AHHH!” The waffles and his cotton candy flew through the air.


Gelatoni is an artist and I picked him up at Tokyo Disney Sea.

Gelatoni’s Story:

Duffy was taking a walk with Mickey. “Oops! My gelato…” “Don’t worry. My name is Gelatoni. Watch this!” Gelatoni started painting with the gelato.


StellaLou is a ballerina and I picked her up from Tokyo, Disneyland.

StellaLou’s Story:

One day, Duffy net a little girl bunny practicing a dance. “Oh, she almost fell. Is she okay?” The girl bunny, StellaLou, said to Duffy, “It’s my dream to be a dancer.” “isn’t a dream what you have when you’re sleeping?” “A dream is also about what you want to be when you grow up,” StellaLou replied.


I picked up ‘Olu from Aulani.

‘Olu’s Story:

Duffy and Mickey were sailing the islands to find ShellieMay a birthday present. Happy Music Led them to a cozy cove. “Aloha, I’m ‘Olu! I play my ukulele to make songs of love. Want to sing with me?” “Olu strummed a beautiful song. “That will be the perfect present!”

Each plush has a special memory for me because I was able to visit those parks and resorts and make the memories I did. I hope you enjoyed their stories as much as I do and did when I found them and I can’t wait to get to Shanghai!


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