Blogmas 2020: Day 7

Book Update #1

I started with a 24-hour readathon, and I was able to finish the first three Harry Potter books and got an hour into HP and the Goblet of Fire before going to bed. I was able to finish Goblet of Fire at 8:30 pm. The next day, I completed the Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince the same day. Leaving me with Deathly Hallows, my favorite movies, so I decided to do another 24-hour readathon and finished at midnight.

I finished a lot sooner than I had expected, but I had a lot of fun reading them. This is my first time reading all of the books. The farthest I have read was Goblet of Fire. I will 100% read again, but I think I will read Cursed Child because I was lucky enough to see it at the Curran theater in San Francisco before the pandemic hit, and it was MAGICAL.


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