Bookish Apps I Use 2021

I love books, but due to my small apartment, my pups taking over the majority of my apartment, my Disney collection, and never having enough room in my bags to carry my entire library at all times, I use ebooks. I find this more convenient because I have my entire library at my fingertips. The apps I use are:

  • Books
  • Kindle
  • Audible
  • Goodreads

I use an iPad because I enjoy Apple products because of the longevity and simplicity of their products. The majority of my books live on the Books app that comes with the iPad. Second place is the Kindle app; I have more graphic novels and comics on this app than I do actual books. Audible is also my favorite because I love listening as I read along, or if I’m doing something else and can’t physically read the book, I like to hear it. Goodreads helps me find recommendations and keep track of the books I’ve read. What are your favorite bookish apps?


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