Haunted: Presidio

The Presidio was first founded as the Spanish Imperial Outpost in 1776; this 1,500-acre plot of land has been a large part of military history. It served as a base for the US Army from 1846-1994 before becoming the haunted park we know today. People swear they have seen ghostly figures of army men who perform their tontine duties on the ground. The letterman Hospital was demolished to make room for George Lucas’s new campus. Workers claimed to see shadowy figures of veterans rummaging around the rubble left behind from the demolished Letterman Hospital site. Employees of the new campus said they had felt cold spots throughout the building, along with ghost sighting of Army men knocking on doors of empty rooms. There also has been a sighting of a woman in a black flow dress who would disappear in thin air. She has been spotted more at the officers club, where they claim to have a video clip of her walking through the ballroom. Others who visited the Presidio have mentioned strange experiences in and around the area.


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