Book Haul #1

Whenever I see a new book, I add it to my TBR list. In January alone, I have already added 58 books. Here are all 58 books I added to by 2021 TBR list as of February:

  • City of Villains Book 1 (volume 1)- Estelle Laure
  • Light of the Jedi- Charles Soule
  • Hello, Cruel Heart- Maureen Johnson (April 16)
  • Red Pyramid- Rick Riordon
  • The Throne of Fire- Rick Riordon
  • The Serpents Shadow- Rick Riordon
  • Teen Titans: Beast Boys Loves Raven- Kami Garcia (Sept. 28)
  • Aru Shah and the Three Wishes- Roshani Choski
  • Aru Shah and the Song of Death- Roshani Choski
  • Friends with Boys- Faith Erin Hicks (GN)
  • Heartstopper v.1- Alice Oseman
  • Heartstopper v.2- Alice Oseman
  • Heartstopper v.3- Alice Oseman
  • Second Star to the Fright- Vera Strange
  • The Cousins- Karen McManus
  • Kingdom of Ash and Briars- Hanna West
  • The House at the Edge of Magic- Amy Sparks
  • Giant Dogs- John Allison (GN)
  • Brightly Woven- Alexandrea Bracken
  • Go the Distance (Twisted Tale)- Jen Calonita (April 6)
  • Wizards of Mickey v.1 (GN)
  • Wizards of Mickey v.2 (GN)
  • Aquicorn Cove- Kate O’Neil (GN)
  • Shades of Magic v.1- V.E Schwab (GN)
  • The Last Key-Agatha Oddly
  • Hood- Jenny Elder Moke
  • A Test of Courage- Justina Ireland
  • The Girl and the Ghost- Hanna Alkaf
  • Curse of the Night Witch- Astore Alex
  • The Dead World of Lanthorne Ghules- Gerald Killingworth
  • Star Wars High Republic #1- Cavan Scott
  • Blu Bloods: The Graphic Novel- Melissa De la Cruz
  • Uncle Montagues Tales of Terror- Chris Priestley
  • Amari and the Night Brothers (Supernatural Investigation, 1)- BB Alston
  • Warren the 13th and the All- Seeing Eye- Tania del Rio
  • Bloom- Kevin Panetta (GN)
  • Nightschool, v.1 The Weird Books- Svetlana Chmakova
  • Twinchantment- Elise Allen
  • Dark Waters- Katherine Arden (August 3)
  • Lore- Alexander Bracken
  • Jurassic Park- Michael Chrichton
  • The Lost World- Michael Chrichton
  • The Secret of Grim Hill (#1)-Linda Demeuelemeester
  • Thew Secret Depends (#2)-Linda Demeuelemeester
  • The Forgotten Secrets (#3)-Linda Demeuelemeester
  • The Family Secret (#4)-Linda Demeuelemeester
  • Forest of Secrets (#6)-Linda Demeuelemeester
  • Carnival of Secrets (#7)-Linda Demeuelemeester
  • Nightmares! (#1) Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller
  • Nightmares! The Sleepwalker Tonic (#2)- Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller
  • Nightmares! The Lost Lullaby (#3)- Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller
  • Uzumaki- Junji Ito (GN)
  • Gyo- Junji Ito (GN)
  • Tomie- Junji Ito (GN)
  • Tokyo Ghoul- Sui Ishida (GN)
  • Coraline- Neil Gaiman (GN)
  • The Graveyard Book v.1- Neil Gaiman (GN)
  • The Graveyard Book v.2- Neil Gaiman

It’s A LOT of books, but I am excited to read all of these; some are rereads because another book in the series will be releasing. I wanted to do a readathon with the series. What is on your TBR list for this month?


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