Traveling With A Pup

Belle and I are going on a road trip to Disneyland!

It has been a couple of years since I have been on a road trip to Disneyland with the pups, so I have to make sure I have everything we need for this 6/7 hour journey to Anaheim. Belle is a great travel buddy. She doesn’t complain or move around during the drive; she will sleep the entire way, which means if I wanted to, we could drive straight through, BUT I would never personally do that to her.

We stop to get gas around the 4-hour mark, where we take the opportunity for her to go to the bathroom, eat, drink, and of course, stretch those legs as we wait for the car to fill up. Once she has done her business, had a snack, and of course, stretch some more, we load back into the car for the long run. Of course, in the car, she has the option to go to the bathroom and water available, but she sleeps.

Our trip to LA is for two and a half days, so I pack food for four and a half days because I like to be over-cautious. I also pack six pee pads, a travel bed/bag, and a cooling pad for her because we will be in the heat. We also have wipes available, hair ties, comb, and an extra leash and collar because you never know. In case of an emergency, I have the information to the closest 24-hour vet to our hotel.

What type of things do you bring for your pup on a road trip?


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