Haunted: Sutro Baths

Adolph Sutro, the self-made millionaire, designed the fantastic Sutro Baths in 1804. Sutro constructed an ocean pool aquarium among the rocks north of the Cliff House. He expanded the oceanfront complex by building a massive public bathhouse that covered three acres. Adolph Sutro’s dream was to provide a healthy, recreational, and inexpensive swimming facility for thousands of San Franciscans.

Sadly, the baths were not commercially successful over the long term. Adolph Sutro passed in 1898, and one time the Baths became less popular. A fire destroyed what was left of Sutro Baths in 1966. Now, you can find the concrete ruins. Psychics say they have felt “an unnerving force” around the baths. It’s rumored to be a meeting place for the cult where they have sacrificial offerings. They say that some members of the cult still practice dark magic in the tunnels. Local legend is if you carry a lit candle to the very end of the tunnel, a force will grab it and throw it in the water below.

Will you walk a candle to the end of the tunnel?


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