Avengers Campus

Avengers Campus has finally opened, and WOW!! I am at a loss for words. I honestly can’t get how MARVELous this place is. I was so overwhelmed and immediately wanted EVERYTHING!!! I do think Disney outdid themselves when it came to the theming. I felt that they paid attention to detail, and I felt as if I stepped right into the Marvel Universe.

Like I had anticipated, guests had to wait to get on Campus. My first park was Disneyland so I had to wait until 12 to see if I could get a WEB Slingers boarding group and 1 to get into DCA. Which was ok with me. When I got there I got in-line and the cast member told me I would have to wait five hours. Thankfully that wasn’t the case and I ended up waiting an hour and a half but it was 100% worth the wait if you love the Avengers.

I did purchase some items and, of course, A LOT of food which I will be talking about in more detail in another post. I don’t want to give up any spoilers. Still, if you are a Marvel fan like I am, your dream has come true with stepping into the Universe. If you are not a Marvel fan, I still think that you can appreciate what the land has to offer.

Have you been to Avengers Campus? What were your thoughts?


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