Summerween Read-a-thon 2021

I am so excited to participate in the Summerween read-a-thon this year! Olivia (oliviareadsalatte) and Gabby (gabbyreads) are hosting Summerween, a spooky summer read-a-thon. It is a week-long readathon that starts July 2 and will end July 8, 2021. 

There are five different challenges to take on:

  1. Bake or make a drink with your spooky book
  2. Read a book in the dark
  3. Read a paranormal book
  4. Read a horror book
  5. Read a book with black and orange on the cover (or both)

This year they will have book sleeves representing their Summerween read-a-thon. I would suggest visiting their YouTube channels (linked above) to check out the book sleeves and find out more information about the read-a-thon.

What summer read-a-thon’s are you participating in?\


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