Summerween TBR 2021

I am so excited to participate in this spooky summer read-a-thon. Here is my very ambitious reading plan:

Bake or make a drink with your spooky read:

  • Bake- Coffin Poptarts
  • Book- The Secret of Grim Hill
  • Manga- Ghost Hunt vol. 1

Read a book in the dark:

  • Book- Nightmare!
  • Manga- Ghost Hunt vol. 2

Read a paranormal book:

  • Book- Hocus Pocus and the All New Sequel
  • Manga- Ghost Hunt vol. 3

Read a horror book:

  • Book- NOS4A2
  • Manga- Ghost Hunt vol. 4

Read a book with black or orange on the cover (or both):

  • Book- NOS4A2
  • Manga- Ghost Hunt vol. 5

I’ve decided since NOS4A2 is my longest book at 720 pages, I figure it worked for two prompts. It is a horror book, and it does have black on the cover. I’m hoping that I can finish this book in two days to stay on track with Summerween.


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