SF Filming Locations: Ant-Man

When my little cousin got into Marvel movies and watched Ant-Man, she recognized some places in the film, and we decided to go out and find some of the places in the film. Here are the locations we visited:

Milgrom Hotel:

  • This is the place where Scott stays with his friend Luis.
  • It’s actually called the Riviera Hotel and you can find it at 420 Jones Street, San Francisco Ca. 94102

Ellis Food Center:

  • Scott sits in his van contemplating his finances after Luis tempts him with a lucrative heist.
  • A short walk across the street from the Hotel at 398 Jones Street, San Francisco Ca. 94102

Dr. Pym’s Home:

  • You can find Dr. Pym’s house at 601 Buena Vista Avenue W San Francisco Ca. 94117

Scott’s Home:

  • When Scott is under house arrest.
  • 1400 18th Street, San Francisco Ca. 94017

Muir Woods National Monument:

  • The FBI find their way to the Lab hidden in the woods and arrest Hope and her Father.
  • Muir Woods

Arrow of Ants:

  • The gang follows an arrow made of ants through the city to the Lab’s new hiding place.
  • 935 Filbert Street, San Francisco Ca. 94133

There are many more streets to visit, BUT I lost her interest in them, so I didn’t share. If you do visit these places, be sure to be respectful to each location.


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