Dog Friendly Restaurants in SF

If you are planning to visit San Francisco with your furry friend or you live here but looking for dog friendly places, look no further. Here are some of the ones in the city:

Palm House: 2032 Union Street

  • Free dog treats! They also have an outdoor area on Union Street, and the pups will get a lot of love at this place.

Stable Cafe: 2128 Folsom Street

  • The pups are encouraged here. They have water bowls and treats for the furry friend.

Nourish Cafe: 189 6th Ave.

  • Although it may look small they have a lot of outdoor seating.

Delarosa: 2175 Chestnut Street

  • Located in the Marina you will see a lot of pups at the table.

If you want to check them out a little more, I left a link to their pages. I hope you and the pups have a wonderful visit!


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