Hollywood Walk of Fame With A Puppy

I have been to the Hollywood Walk of Fame many times, my cousins and my puppy have not gotten the pleasure to visit. So that’s what we did. I will have to say if you are staying with a pup, it can get very overwhelming for them. There are many people, a lot of the hustle and bustle, and if they are walking, it could mean they can get stepped on and bumped. I like to think I know my little pretty well, so I would let her down to stretch her legs when we were in a less crowded area. If I saw the place was getting more crowded, I would pick her up because people don’t see her most of the time, and she will 100% get stepped on, and I don’t want her hurt.

Since her brother passed, she has lost confidence, so a lot more noise makes her nervous. So, with this big trip, I wanted to make sure she was not feeling overwhelmed with the number of new smells, people, and places. Before leaving our hotel, I took her for a long walk to help calm her down, and I brought treats to ensure everything is ok because food makes everything better.

What do you do to keep your pups calm in new places?


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