Halloween Horror Night Update 2021

Halloween Horror Night 2021 also known as The Cousin Trip.

I am so excited that my cousins and I got the day that we wanted for Horror Nights. It was a pretty intense day because Universal released the tickets, and the site crashed. It was a very long day of trying to even get on the site to purchase tickets, but it would instantly kick you off or say there was an error.

It was a DISASTER! Eventually, I purchased tickets off of Universal Hollywood’s site, but my confirmation said Orlando. On the plus side, I was able to get a refund and save $60, but I still didn’t have Horror Night tickets. It wasn’t until 4 pm when I purchased six tickets for the day of our choice.

So the cousin trip to Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights has been booked. I am so happy that everything turned out well in the end. I think we will have a blast, and if I remember correctly, this is the first time a lot of the cousins have hung out together at a theme park. Sadly, a couple of cousins are not able to make it, BUT we decided to bring them back some spooky goods.

The decisions we have to make…Are you going to Horror Nights?


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