Good Bye Disney Stores

Today is such a sad day. Disney had announced that more Disney Stores were going to close. I wished and hoped that the two Disney stores in my area would be safe from the closure, but sadly, they did not cut this time. I live in San Francisco, and we are fortunate to have two decently close. One on Stockton street and one in Serramonte mall are both closings. The one in Serramonte was my home store because parking was a lot easier than in the City. I made many friends at the store who encouraged me to spend my money, but they were more than cast members; they were family. I saw them every time I would go, and we would chat about all things Disney. I have known these cast members for years, so when they announced this closure, and I walked into this ghost-like store, my heart broke. These cast members will go on to bigger and better things, but this Disney Store and these cast members were the absolute best, and I am so sad to see them go. I wish them luck in their next adventure, and thank you so much for all the magic you have brought to my days over the years.


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