Physical Books vs Ebook

I may have touched on this subject before but here is why I choose ebooks over Physical books.

As much as I love to pick up a physical book and flip through the pages, I have absolutely no room in my house for them. I own some physical copies of books, mangas, and comic books, but I had to stop buying them because I was reading them way too fast. I own around 100 physical books, but I own about 400 ebooks.

I already have to carry a lot of things in my backpack for school, work, and of course, my puppy. So bringing a lot of physical books is not manageable. Still, an Ipad has the majority of my books at the touch of my finger. If it’s a slow day at work, I can read a couple of books or mangas, and I can also buy more if I speed through a series. The downside of ebooks is not all books are available in the format. So, I either have to wait a bit longer for them to come out or purchase the physical book.

This is a love-hate relationship with books for me. If I know, the book is getting released for the ebook. I will wait if I know it’s not; I make sure it is one I want to read before buying it. I can be frustrating at times, and I know I can borrow books from the library. Still, I know that I have to wait, but I like having a copy of my own.

What one do you prefer?


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