Blogtober 2021: Day 2

Decorate with me!

I love Halloween, which means I go overboard with the spooky decorations, including the pup’s playpen. I love decorating their playpen; it is my favorite place to decorate. The first thing I do is switch out their bowls and their blankets. Their water bowl for October is a black cat head-shaped bowl, and it is adorable. Their blankets go from Disney blankets to a black and orange blanket because you can never have enough blankets.

The next thing I do is add all the decoration. I put up skeleton lights around the area, pumpkin lights to line the ramp, and ghost lights on their playpen gate, along with a tombstone. I next add a couple of pumpkins around the area, and they even have a small pumpkin patch in their playpen. Fo the final touches, I add some tea lights for fun.

I LOVE their playpen, and even though no one sees it, I see it, and it makes me so happy.

Do you decorate your pups area?


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