Blogtober 2021: Day 14

Book Update #2

It is time to check in with another book update! I honestly feel like I am flying though all the books on my TBR and I have even added some more…

Here is what I have read since the last update:

  • Frankenstein (Manga)
  • Kingdom of the Wicked
  • The Omen
  • Clown in the Cornfield
  • Parasyte vol. 1
  • Parasyte vol. 2
  • Parasyte vol. 3
  • Toilet Bound vol. 1
  • Toilet Bound vol. 2
  • Toilet Bound vol. 3
  • Ring
  • Ibitzu

My favorite book I read in this bunch of books would have to be The Omen I read along while I listened to the audio and I loved all the creepy gives it gave me.

Happy Hauntings!


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