Thanksmas 2021: Day 18

Decorate with me: Porch

I have bought way too much for my porch, BUT it will be worth it again. I hope. I am going into this once again without a plan. Here is everything I have bought so far:

  • 10 Branchy tree
  • 3 Christmas trees (two white and one black)
  • Fairy lights (White and blue)
  • Santa Outfit (Mr Skeleton)
  • Fake snow
  • Penguins (three)
  • Small deer (two)
  • Snow flakes
  • Light up garland
  • Ornaments
  • Black wreath
  • Fireplace (space heater)
  • Snowy acorns
  • Fake presents

After cleaning up all the cobwebs and putting everything spooky away, I brought out the winter decorations. So far, I have one tree up in the corner with Mr. Skeleton handing on with his Santa Outfit. The black wreath is still in the same place above the window (no spiders and hands). I placed the space heater fireplace under the window with some presents near it (it might change). I put fake snow on the rail and added my light-up garland on top of that. My seance table now has branchy trees and a penguin and my deers. I hung some snowflakes and ornaments hanging just like the bats. The fairy lights are EVERYWHERE to make the porch shine bright at night. I still have ways to go because I’m 100% sure I will purchase more decorations.

Have you started decorating?


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