Thanksmas 2021: Day 23

Dog Walk: Fisherman’s Wharf

I have found myself walking at Fisherman’s Wharf this month. Yes, it is cold because we are in San Francisco, and it’s usually cold out, and we are also by the water, which makes it even colder. This is why we pack layers. I wear two layers and a hat to keep my ears from freezing, and the pups will put on two layers with an infinity scarf that my grandma has made them. I like going to Fisherman’s Wharf for many different reasons, but it is also a relaxing walk. It is a tourist place, so there are usually many people, but there are times when it isn’t crowded, like early in the morning. The pups and I love watching the seals. They find them very interesting.

Have you been to Fisherman’s wharf?


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