Book Challenge 2022

I love to read and escape reality so I think it is only fitting to start off the year with a book challenge for 2022. I will update at the end of each month to see which tasks I’ve completed or if I completed any.

Read a book…

  • With a color in the name
  • Set in a foreign country
  • Recommended by a friend
  • Part of a series
  • That you should have read in school
  • On the New York Times Bestsellers list
  • Already on your bookshelf
  • With an animal in the name
  • From an author you already know
  • About health and wellness
  • With a pretty book cover
  • More than 20 years old
  • Released in the year you were born
  • Published this year
  • Translated from another language
  • With a female protagonists
  • That’s a memoir
  • With a one-word title
  • That was made into a movie
  • Over 500 pages long
  • Under 100 pages long
  • With a music or art theme
  • Involving water
  • With a green book cover
  • Set in the 1800’s
  • With a magical element
  • That’s a one-hit wonder
  • About nature
  • With chapter titles
  • With an index
  • With a map in the front
  • That you hear about from a co-worker
  • Bought from your local bookstore
  • That’s a Young Adult novel
  • Only published as an e-book
  • About sports
  • That’s a murder mystery
  • Featuring the LGBTQ+ community
  • By an author who shares your name
  • On audiobook read by the author
  • That’s a guilty pleasure
  • Written by two authors
  • Of poetry
  • About business
  • About current events
  • Everyone is talking about
  • Based on a real person
  • That’s a coming of age story
  • About science
  • That makes you smile

I already know some of these are going to be difficult for me to get through but I figured I have 365 days to complete this challenge and I am ready to take it on. Are you planning on participating in any reading challenges this year?


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