Disneyland Paris: Castle Reveal

After 12 months of refurbishment the Sleeping Beauty Castle has reopened just in time for Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary. Fun Facts:

  • Sleeping Beauty Castle is 141 feet tall, with its tallest tower standing 55 feet high and weighing 15 tons.
  • Renovation of the castle took 50,000 hours.
  • 19,900 slate tiles were custom designed and installed on the roofs using 19,900 hooks. As a result, 4.8 miles of slates were cut.
  • 41,200 gold leaves were applied by hand to gild certain parts of the castle.
  • The team used 1,200 liters of paint throughout the project, including 14 different shades of pink.
  • Since Disneyland Paris is Europe’s top tourist destination, Sleeping Beauty Castle is the most visited castle in Europe!

Disneyland Paris opened April 12, 1992. I was lucky enough to visit Disneyland Paris and It is one of my favorite Castles. If you ever get the opportunity to check it out I would recommend it, because you wont regret it. However, my favorite part about the castle is actually underneath it. I could hang out there all day, but I wont spoil it for anyone who wishes NOT to know.


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